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Skin Concern

Area of skin showing visible thread veins

Face Thread Veins

Thread veins are small visible blood vessels which are close to the surface of the skin. They look like fine red or purple lines and most often appear on the face.

Lines and wrinkles in the crows feet area

Lines and Wrinkles

Wrinkles are lines or creases on your skin that are a normal part of ageing. If you don’t like how wrinkles look, we can discuss what treatment options are available to you.

Area of melasma


Melasma is a common pigmentation disorder that causes brown or gray patches to appear on the face.

Skin showing milia


Milia are harmless cysts present as tiny white bumps just under the skin. Book at our clinic for a consultation if you want them removed.

Skin with an area of pigmentation

Skin Pigmentation

Pigmentation is brown colouring due to a pigment called melanin, This causes dark patches on the skin which do not fade. We have several treatments to reduce pigmentation.

Area of skin showing acne scars

Skin Scars

Facial scars are caused by injuries, acne, burns, or surgery.

Pedunculated skin tag on skin

Skin Tags

Skin tags are small growths on skin. They are common and harmless, but can be removed if they're bothering you.

Skin showings signs of ageing

Skin ageing

There are several signs of skin ageing. Read our guide on older skin and what you can do to reduce the rate of your skin ageing.

Skin with multiple sun spots

Sun Spots

Sunspots are small dark areas on the skin and appear on areas exposed to the sun. They are also called age spots, liver spots or solar lentigines.

Skin showing uneven tone

Uneven Skin Tone

Uneven skin tone is skin discolouration due to damage from sunlight, pollution, hormones or even drugs. We have several treatments to even your skin colour and tone.

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