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Botox Injection

Lines and wrinkles

Why do we get fine lines and wrinkles?


Lines and wrinkles are inevitable consequences of ageing. There are various causes of lines and wrinkles, such as:

Sun damage.

Loss of collagen, resulting in the skin becoming thinner.

Repetitive face movements.

Shrinking of the facial bones as we get older.

Changes in the fat pads that support the skin on the face.



You have many options for softening or improving your facial lines and wrinkles. We offer a no-obligation consultation where a variety of treatments for lines and wrinkles will be discussed.

Whether you wish to improve the appearance of these noticeable lines when you laugh, smile or frown or those that are always present, we have treatments that can help.

Dr Andy is trained to advise you on what treatments may work best for you. A consultation is an ideal opportunity to come up with a treatment plan.


As some are prescription-only drugs, you must complete a medical questionnaire and have a face-to-face consultation, as not everyone is suitable. Just like for any other medicine​

Below is a comprehensive list of anti-wrinkle treatments that may be suitable. Click on them to take you to the relevant page.

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