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Eye Lines, Wrinkles and Dark Circles

Do you have dark circles, lines or wrinkles. There are many safe treatments available to make this area appear smoother, less tired and smooth lines.

Eye Lines, Wrinkles and Dark Circles

The eye area is particularly challenging to treat, partly due to the sensitive nature of the skin. This area should be treated with the utmost respect and we will only use safe treatments.

Dark circles for example can leave your eyes looking hollow and tired. 

As we get age, there is a loss of fat and bony support under the eye making the eyes look dark and sunken. Wrinkles at the side of the eyes also start to appear.

The best way to treat the eye area is using a combination of treatments, which may include fillers, specialised eye creams and serums, and bespoke skin peels.

Some of our treatments we offer are listed below:


Anti-wrinkle treatment - crows feet

Anti-wrinkle treatment - under eyes

Eye Skincare

EnerPeel - Eye and Lip peel

Platelets - PRP/PRF

Tear trough

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