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Tebiskin Cytoceuticals

Tebiskin Skincare

Tebiskin’s skin treatments are specially formulated to address signs of ageing and to combat specific skin issues such as acne and rosacea, wrinkles, fine lines, pigmentation, and dry skin.


The Tebsikin range targets specific areas, such as the face, chest, and back, and offers a comprehensive solution to the most common signs of ageing skin.

Tebiskin Cytoceuticals is a well-established and trusted range of medically licensed skincare made by SkinMed.

Tebsikin is the preferred skincare range at Rejuvenate Face product to tackle skin issues such as:

They use protocol-based treatments which are easy to follow and make sense.

These products also complement the Enerpeel® range of chemical skin peels to prepare the skin before a skin peel and to maximise their effects.


Tebiskin Ceraboost is rich with nutrients that hydrate the skin to leave it smoother and firmer. A blend of natural ceramides provides a barrier against the harmful environment. Ceraboost Face and Ceraboost Body are both available online at Rejuvenate Face.


Tebiskin Hyal provides antioxidant protection while improving moisture levels in the skin. The cream regulates the skin’s hyaluronic acid for an anti-ageing effect, provides greater elasticity and prevents dryness. Hyal is available online at Rejuvenate Face.

EGF - Epidermal Growth Factor

Tebiskin EGF helps to reduce wrinkles and fine lines and improve skin tone. Etherosides work to up-regulate the production of collagen, and hyaluronic acid improves surface hydration, soothing the skin and providing greater elasticity and radiance. EGF Face and EGF Body are both available online at Rejuvenate Face


Tebiskin Gluage uses hyaluronic acid to hydrate and supports the cells in the skin. Tebiskin Gluage significantly reduces wrinkles and fine lines for a powerful anti-ageing effect. Gluage is available online at Rejuvenate Face.


Tebiskin Gly-C exfoliates the skin and has a powerful antioxidant effect, protecting against free radicals. Glycolic and lactic acid alleviate areas of pigmentation, evening the skin’s tone by slowing the synthesis of melanin. Gly-C Strong is formulated to address the most stubborn patches of dark pigment. Gly-C and Gly-C Strong are both available online at Rejuvenate Face.


Tebiskin Gly Clean is formulated to exfoliate and cleanse, loosening dead skin cells and alleviating skin congestion which can lead to blackheads and whiteheads. Glycolic and lactic acid work together to free the skin's surface dead cells. Gly-Clean reduces pigment and rejuvenates ageing and sun-damaged skin. Gly Clean is available online at Rejuvenate Face.


Tebiskin IDRA is ideal for dry skin. Tebiskin IDRA contains Malic acid and urea, IDRA's unique formulation hydrates the skin, whilst malic acid reduces and softens thick skin and urea pulls water into the skin to lessen roughness. Skin irritation is controlled by the cream’s soothing ingredients. IDRA is available online at Rejuvenate Face..


Tebiskin OSK is formulated to eliminate acne and keep skin clear. A patented combination of ingredients works together to prevent excess sebum and combat the bacteria responsible for acne. OSK comes in cleanser, cream, and lotion forms, including a variant for the chest & back regions; UV OSK provides the same anti-acne action with added sun protection (SPF 30). All of Tebiskin’s OSK range is available online at Rejuvenate Face.


Tebiskin PLC boosts skin recovery by alleviating and preventing inflammation. The cream combats redness, including acute symptoms of rosacea, and is effective in aiding recovery from skin treatments, including laser therapy. Tebiskin PLC is available online at Rejuvenate Face.


Tebiskin Sooth prevents and alleviates skin inflammation, making it ideal for those recovering from skin treatments and those with irritable, reactive skin. Sooth is non-steroidal and non-exfoliant and is available in the form of a cleanser (Sooth Clean) and a sun protection formula (UV Sooth, SPF 50). Tebiskin Sooth Clean and UV Sooth are both available online at Rejuvenate Face.


Tebiskin Reticap combats ageing by promoting the skin’s natural production of hyaluronic acid, which aids water retention and supports cellular health. This retinol-based treatment decreases wrinkles and lines, leaving the skin firmer and more supple. An Eye & Lip variant is also available for these sensitive areas. Both variants of Tebiskin Reticap are available online at Rejuvenate Face.


Tebiskin SOD-C is formulated to prevent signs of ageing. The serum’s Vitamin C (10%), zinc, and superoxide dismutase are powerful antioxidants, removing free radicals and improving skin hydration for a more plump, youthful look and feel. As a non-exfoliating treatment, SOD-C is great for irritable skin. SOD-C is available online at Rejuvenate Face.


Tebiskin LC is formulated to reduce pigment [melanin] production and promote an even skin tone. The treatment works to regulate the activity of the pigment cells [melanocytes] and targets the process that causes excess skin pigmentation. Within 14 to 42 days, less pigment will become visible at the skin’s surface, resulting in an even skin tone. Tebiskin LC is available online at Rejuvenate face.

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