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Proper cleansing with lukewarm water is essential in looking after your skin.

Cleansing removes natural oils, sweat, dirt and sebum.

Cleansing should not irritate or dry out your skin.

Surfactants in cleansers bind dirt and oil. But they can also irritate. As can the other components.

Newer cleansers have fortunately markedly improved.

In addition, medications such as salicylic acid and BPO can be added to reduce pore size and smooth the skin.

What is cleansing?

Skin Cleansers simply remove dirt, sweat, oil, and makeup residue from the face.

Skin cleansers are one of the important steps in your skin care regimen and should be done twice a day.

Why is skin cleansing important?

Cleansers prepare the skin before the application of other skincare products.

Cleansers other skincare to penetrate the skin.

They remove dead skin cells from the skin’s surface.

Types of skin cleansers

There are many types of cleansers:

Foaming cleansers

Remove lipids from the skin surface.

These are used to remove surface oil, makeup and sunscreen.

Best used for oily skin types.

Non-foaming cleansers

These deposit lipids or fats on the skin that help nourish and strengthen the skin barrier.

Exfoliating cleanser

These are hydroxy acids that loosen skin cells and make the skin more acidic.

Making the skin more acidic strengthens the skin's barrier function and reduces inflammation.

This also aids the absorption of ingredients such as vitamin C.

There are three main types:

Alpha hydroxy acids

Beta hydroxy acids (salicylic acid)

Polyhydroxy acids

Antibacterial cleansers

These contain ingredients, such as BPO and silver, that reduce acne-forming bacteria.

Choosing a cleanser

Cleaning your face should be an integral part of your skincare routine.

Cleansing refreshes your skin and creates a clean foundation to apply products such as moisturisers or makeup.

People have different skin types, which have varying needs. 

Using the wrong type of cleanser, for example, if you have rosacea, oily skin or acne, can irritate your skin and make it appear worse.

If you are unsure what your skin needs when it comes to cleansing, we can advise you about the best types of facial cleansers to suit your skin.

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