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Acne skincare

Acne skincare

Acne Brands

We use two leading skincare brands to manage acne.


Purify, treat, and care for oily and spot-prone skin. The new Biretix range has a holistic skincare approach for oily and spot-prone skin with its three product pillars: purify, treat, and care.

Click to see more details about the Biretix Acne Skin care range


SkinMed are industry leaders in acne treatment.

Before you can purchase these you will need a consultation beforehand.

Click here to find out about the SkinMed Protocol to treat acne which incorporates their innovative OSK acne treatments.

Tebiskin OSK is formulated to eliminate acne and keep skin clear. OSK ingredients works together to prevent excess sebum and combat the bacteria responsible for acne.

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