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SkinMed exclusively supplies skincare to medically-led aesthetic clinics. We are a recognised supplier of their skincare range.


SkinMed is a well-established and trusted brand basing its products on science, clinical research and proven results.​Their medically researched products tackle a variety of skin issues and common concerns such as:​

  • Pigmentation

  • Acne

  • Rosacea

  • Skin Ageing

  • Thread veins

  • Dry skin​

Clinical lines include:​


A medical-grade range of skincare that has been designed for easy application and to improve the quality of the skin.


This skincare line contains a unique brand-new retinoid Retimitate® is a brand-new form of retinoic acid [Vitamin A] which has less skin irritation than conventional retinoids.


Their range of chemical skin peels (Enerpeel)  is among the best in the industry, with little downtime and clever carrier technology to get the peel deep in the skin!​

SkinMed Ethos

SkinMed only sells to medically led practices, so you must have a proper consultation before obtaining one of their products. This is relatively simple but ensures you are only given the products tailored to your skin. As a result, there is no chance of you being given an unsuitable, fake or copied product.

SkinMed Protocols

SkinMed offers several different medically approved SkinMed® treatment protocols for various skin conditions.

These include:

  • SkinMed®

  • Acne-SkinMed®

  • Rosacea-SkinMed®

  • Pigmentation-SkinMed®

  • Hydration-SkinMed®

  • Anti-Ageing

All protocols SkinMed are extensively researched and clinically proven to deliver outstanding results.

SkinMed Shop

All Skincare products require a consultation before they can be sold.​Please click on the consultation button below.​

Go to the SkinMed shop to find out more about their product ranges.

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