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Neoretin is the skin lightening brand featuring a combination of powerful skin renewal ingredients to even complexion and remove dark spots.


Neoretin is an excellent skin-lightening brand of Cantabria labs.

Neoretin features an innovative patented combination of powerful skin renewal, lightening and protective ingredients to:

  • Contrast uneven complexion

  • Reduce dark spots

Technologies and Ingredients

RetinSphere® Technology 

A new-generation retinoidInnovative technology combines two retinoids of high tolerance and efficacy that stimulate epidermal renewal. It reduces dark spots and promotes even skin complexion​.

EDAFENCE® Powerful Anti-pollution Defence

Patented anti-pollution technology that prevents damage from pollution, including dark spots. Pollution such as:

Oxidising agents

Tobacco smoke

Heavy metals

Urban pollutants​- the main causes of hyperpigmentation

Whitening Booster System

Technology which synergically combines powerful lightening actives which contrast all stages of melaning formation, reducing dark spots and unifying skin tone.

How to buy Neoretin

Click Neoretin Shop to take you to the Neoretin Range.

To ensure you will get the right product, we recommend a short skin assessment so that the skincare is suited to your skin and skin concerns.

Please click on this Consultation Link which will take you to a short skin questionnaire.


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