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Heliocare 360° is a leading range of sun protection products. Make sure you get daily protection against UVA and UVB.

Heliocare 360

Heliocare 360° is a multi-award-winning skincare range that protects the skin from UVA, UVB, visible light, and infrared-A.

The range protects not only the skin’s surface but also defends it from within by incorporating clinically proven antioxidants and DNA repair enzymes into their formula. This makes the Heliocare 360° range essential to anyone’s daily skincare regime.

Heliocare 360° products protect skin at its surface and defend skin from within with clinically proven anti-oxidant, Fernblock, and DNA repair enzymes. Fernblock has a potent antioxidant activity which helps to protect the skin from within and is unique to Cantabria Labs products. This powerful combination of ingredients makes Heliocare 360° an essential part of every skincare regimen.

Active Ingredients in Heliocare Range

Heliocare  products provide the best daily defence against sun damage and premature skin ageing.​With high-level protection against UVA, UVB, visible light, infrared-A, free radicals and DNA damage, nothing protects skin like Heliocare 360°. It shields the skin’s surface and defends the skin from within with a unique combination of intelligent ingredients.​


A supercharged, fern derived antioxidant that fights and neutralises free radicals in the skin. Fernblock is the result of years of research and development and it’s backed by significant clinical data.

Mineral and non-mineral filters

The optimum combination of mineral and non-mineral filters protect the skin at the surface from UVA and UVB. Every Heliocare 360° product offers at least SPF50 protection against UVB and PA++++ (the highest possible PA rating) for UVA.

DNA Repair Enzymes

DNA repair enzymes for the skin repair both the nucleus and the mitochondria of DNA and can also reduce free radical damage to the mitochondria by a huge 30%.

How to buy Heliocare

The Heliocare Shop takes you to the Sunscreen Range.

To ensure you will get the right product, we recommend a short skin assessment so that the skincare is suited to your skin and skin concerns.

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Also, read Heliocare's Daylight Protection artcle:

Heliocare 360 article daylight protection
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