Important advice before your treatment




The Department of Health and Social Care has launched a campaign to increase the understanding of cosmetic procedures.


Their objective is to ensure that everyone considering a cosmetic procedure is aware of the questions to ask. Their top tips are listed:


The Top Tips: A short checklist


All cosmetic procedures carry some level of risk and can impact on both your physical and emotional health. You can minimise the risk by making safe decisions about your care.


• Choose a reputable, safe and qualified practitioner who is trained in the procedure you are undertaking


• Speak to a professional about the outcomes you can expect from a cosmetic procedure, signs of complications and process for aftercare before you commit and consent to proceed with the treatment


• Make sure you have a pre-consultation with the same practitioner that will be performing the procedure and are given information to take away with you


• Make sure that you know how to obtain aftercare advice and support if things go wrong


• Check out the premises - are basic hygiene principles like hand washing and sterile equipment evident?


• Don’t pay for procedures until you have had a consultation to check it is suitable and will meet your expectations.


• Avoid participating in group treatments or events involving alcohol.


• Don’t be pressured into spontaneously agreeing to additional treatments you hadn’t considered before arriving at the clinic.


• Take time to consider your treatment options and do not make hasty decisions to commence treatment until you are sure that it is right for you.



Remember you should always walk away if you’re not completely comfortable.

Please contact Rejuvenate Face in Mansfield for free advice before any treatment and ask about the standards you should expect from your practitioner.