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  • LED Light Therapy

    Our Lumineo LED light therapy improves skin texture, boosts collagen, reduces cellulite, increases skin hydration, reduces wrinkles, improves break-outs and helps pigmentation issues. This includes a cleanse, tone and moisturise. This can be used as a stand-alone treatment or added on to a number of our services for a small fee.

  • Radiofrequency Skin Tightening Add-On

    Radiofrequency for skin tightening in one area of the body. This could be Face, Neck, Jowls, Bum, Bingo Wings, Tummy, Thighs, Cheeks and Eyes.

  • Dermaplaning Add-on

    This treatment removes dead skin cells that are sat on the surface of your skin (your outer layer, the Epidermis) and removes the Vellus hairs known as 'peach fuzz'. It's pain-free with no downtime so you can return straight back to your daily activities or work. Skin is left soft, smooth and hair-free, makeup application appears flawless and it provides better skin product absorption. Please note, the Vellus hairs do not re-grow quicker, thicker or darker.

  • Lipstick Lines

    Wrinkle relaxing injections to treat lipstick lines around the mouth.

  • Express Dermaplaning Facial

    An express facial that fits in your lunch hour! Taking only 30 minutes, this dual treatment removes fine hairs and exfoliates. Get ready for soft, supple and smooth skin.

  • Frown (between the eyebrows)

    We only use premium brand hyaluronic acid fillers as these give the most natural results, integrate where they are placed and leave little to no lumps. It is important to choose your practitioner wisely to avoid migration of filler, lumps and bumps and complications. We use ultrasound to pinpoint where best and safe to place filler throughout the face, thus avoiding any complications.This is a high-risk area that needs to be considered before booking an appointment. Please book a free consultation beforehand.

  • Derma Consultation And Patch Test

    Our Italian Medical-Grade serums for Microneedling and Mesotherapy injections require a full consultation and patch test, especially if you have allergies. A full medical history will be taken and a treatment plan devised specifically for you. During consultation, all the products will be explained how they work and how to get the best results from your treatments, which will include skincare. A course of treatments are recommended to get the full benefit of these fantastic serums, however our Glass Facial which uses Bio, can give skin a healthy glow, so ideal before a night out or event.

  • Derma Liquid Face And Neck Lift

    This facial has skin-firming properties, it works by reducing the appearance of sagging or laxity in the skin, leading to a more toned and lifted appearance. The treatment works through delivery via skin needling increases the collagen and supports elasticity in the skin. It includes all the fabulous steps of our bespoke facial using our award-winning ALLSKIN|MED skincare and LED phototherapy mask to help repair, heal and rejuvenate skin. This facial can be given as a one-off and stand-alone treatment, however, a course of 3 is recommended, especially if you are wanting to address the effects of ageing. ** Top Tip ** Why not add on a skin tightening treatment with our 3D Smart Wave Radio Frequency for even better results? A consultation and patch test is required before this facial, simply book the Derma Consultation and patch test with Tess, which is complimentary.

  • Derma Lifting

    This is a treatment for crows feet, forehead and frown lines and is a complete lifting treatment. A powerful cocktail based on highly concentrated active substances such as: Argireline 5% (acetyl hexapeptide-8) and Leuphasyl (pentapeptide-18) 5%. This product effects are like botox and significantly reduces the contraction of the mimic muscles responsible for dynamic wrinkle formation. Leuphasyl enhances the action of Argireline. The Botox alternative for natural, long lasting results. A patch test is required and for the best cosmetic outcome, a course of 3 is recommended 7-10 days apart. This treatment is delivered through microneedling and or meso therapy, and can be stand alone treatment or added onto another facial.

  • Derma Hair Loss Maintenance Treatment

    Derma 2.0 Amino-Loss Solution.

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