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Sun Protection

Protecting the skin is essential if you cannot avoid sun exposure. Wearing a suitable sunscreen is part of the daily skincare in Rosacea.

Sun Protection


The use of topical sunscreens is the basic treatment for rosacea.

Sun is the leading cause of rosacea flares.

Daily use of broad-spectrum sunscreens to minimise the effect of UV radiation and heat on erythema and telangiectasia

Select sunscreens containing dimethicone or Cyclomethicone to reduce irritation

No fragrance (the label may say “fragrance-free,” but if it says “unscented” choose another sunscreen).

Inorganic may be better tolerated – zinc oxide or titanium.

Organic sunscreens may heat or warm the skin and cause a flare-up.

Green-tinted SPF can also cover up redness.

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