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Vampire Facial Myth and Folk Law

Learn more about the reality of the vampire facelift

Vampire Facial Myth and Folk Law

The vampire facelift was touted as the next best treatment in rejuvenating face and skin treatments.

The media inevitably reacted ... and numerous pictures of peoples faces, including celebrities (such as Kim Kardashian, Bar Refaeli and Ferne McCann) covered in red blood were plasted publically over the internet.

Try searching google images and see what images are returned.

Publicity and a treatment Kim subsequently regreted.

The reality is far from the truth. and headliners such as "IF YOU want to reverse the ageing process, you could give smothering yourself in blood a try" do not help.

Red cells contain haemoglobin. A pigment producing substance that stains the skin.

It should also not be painful.

The reality

The vampire facelfit quite simply is microneedling with the addition of PRP.

A safe, and effective treatment if done professionally and under evidence based medical supervision.

PRP is straw coloured, and despite so called qualified "microneedlers", who enjoy producing blood by needling too deep, will only give you a superficial bruise.

Add blood on top into the mix, and take your luck that you will not end up with pigmentation down the line.

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