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RegenLab PRP

RegenLab are a leading the way in PRP. Their closed system is user independent, producing consistently high numbers (80%) of functional platelets each time.

RegenLab PRP

In the world of regenerative medicine, there is enormous excitement about using platelets to rejuvenate and regenerate the skin.

Platelets, the main component of PRP, releases hundreds of growth and remodelling factors to increase the amount of collagen and hyaluronic acid under the skin.

Collagen provides support and acts as a scaffold, whereas hyaluronic acid attracts water and hydrates.

PRP, like retinoids, can reverse the signs of ageing.

In June 2022, we partnered with RegenLab to offer the latest in Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) treatments.

The RegenLab® PRP system uses a unique patented biologically inert gel that separates the plasma and platelets from the blood. All this is done within a 5-minute centrifugation time.

The beauty of PRP made by RegenLab® is that the end platelet product is 100% user-independent. Meaning the quality of the PRP is the same each time.

None of the variables seen with other manufacturers of PRP and PRF is introduced.

See our specific page on the Variables in Manufacturing PRP and PRF

RegenLab® can, therefore, confidently claim that:

  • Platelet recovery is > 80%.

  • Platelets maintain a high quality meaning they retain their functional ability to release growth factors with no loss of fibrinogen.

  • Platelet concentration is 1.6 times greater than the starting harvested blood.

  • The PRP is over 80% red cell free.

  • Removes 96.7% of pro-inflammatory granulocytes, leaving beneficial lymphocytes and monocytes.

  • Virtually no red cells - see Vampire Facial Myth and Folk Law.

Numerous studies and trials back up the effectiveness of their system, with over 200 scientific publications.

From a safety perspective, RegenLab® uses:

A closed-circuit vacuum system to collect the PRP.

It is a manufacturing process.

A minimal amount of blood

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