The highest strength of the retinol activity serums. The Extreme Renewal Serum is beautifally light and silky. Even at the highest strength, the unique retinoid delivery mechanism ensures maximum efficacy in cellular renewal without irritation.

Not satisifed with just one action in the skin, this super-serum also features anti-pollution technology and ingredients to strengthen and hydrate your skin barrier.

For: Established signs of ageing - expression lines and wrinkles, pigmentation, skin imperfections and scars.

How to use: Introduce gradually to avoid skin sensitivity, or step up from 0.5% gel. Apply in the evening to clean skin, avoiding the area around the eyes. A mild tingling sensation is normal in the first few applications. Avoid direct sun exposure and ALWAYS use a broad spectrum sun protection while using this product.


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ALLSKIN MED Extreme Skin Renewal Gel 1%


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