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The Dermal Rescue Facial Featuring the Collagen Activation Plan

Updated: Apr 16, 2023

The Collagen Activation Plan by ALL SKIN | MED


You can still have glowing skin throughout Winter

Introducing The Dermal Rescue Facial, this intensive nine-step repairing skin treatment has been developed to resurface, rejuvenate, repair and plump the skin.

It is a powerful combination of deep cleansing, resurfacing, superficial Microneedling, stimulating sculpting massage and LED phototherapy.

Tailored personally for the demands of your skin, using a bespoke cocktail of All Skin|Med – SCA Growth Factor, which educates the skin to work more efficiently.

Add the ALL SKIN | MED Collagen Activation plan of skincare as part of this fabulous facial for winter-long 'glowing' skin.


It is a relaxing facial with all the benefits of repairing, strengthening, and rejuvenating the skin, giving it a brightened, hydrated look and feel.

It is suitable for dry and devitalised skin that’s looking tired and stressed and includes antiaging benefits due to the SCA growth factors.

This treatment includes a full skin and health consultation, skin assessment and personalised treatment plan, and samples are also provided.

First, we start with a double cleanse of the face and neck; this ensures all makeup and environmental aggressors are removed.

A skin polish is applied to the face and neck, and it is massaged into the skin and removed with warm mitts, leaving your skin squeaky clean. A further exfoliation is applied to the face and neck in the form of an Alpha Hydroxy Acid and left on the skin for between 5-8 minutes and removed with warm mitts.

Epidermal micro-needling begins using a low setting, and a growth factor is applied. No numbing cream is needed as this part of the treatment is only on the epidermis and is pain-free.

The repair mask is then brushed onto the face and neck and massaged into the skin using lifting and sculpting massage moves, and this is a very relaxing part of the facial.

LED light therapy is carried out for 10 minutes to repair and rejuvenate the treated skin. This also helps with energising and brightening the skin and stimulates collagen further.

The facial is completed with Growth Factor eye contour serum and a rich, nourishing, and soothing cream, powerful in growth factors and a skin-firming complex with immediate and long-lasting hydrators, giving skin luminosity and intense hydration.

If you are suffering from the transition from autumn to winter skin, have dry or dehydrated skin, have fragile or sensitive skin, tired and stressed skin, or have recently been poorly, this is the facial for you.

Each facial is priced at £150.

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