So what is I-PRF?

Injectable - Platelet Rich Fibrin, the natural fibrin-based bio-material prepared from an anticoagulant-free blood harvest without any artificial biochemical modification is widely considered the superior autologous therapy compared to PRP.

I-PRF was invented and pioneered by Dr Choukroun et al in 2000.

Both I-PRF and PRP are prepared from patients own blood however, this is where the similarities end.

I-PRF is spun at a lower speed so the layers of blood do to separate out as distinctly and the lower spin speed is less traumatic to the cells. Thus some leukocytes and mesenchymal stem cells are preserved within the plasma that is collected for treatment.

I-PRF is a liquid. It can be injected in the same way as PRP or dermal fillers/skin boosters, skin needling, toxins and mesotherapy.

So what's the difference?

The body is in a constant state of homostasis, the fibrinogen conversion to fibrin system is involved in homostasis, inflammation, wound healing and angiogenesis. Once injected fibrinogen is cleaved by thrombin to create fibrin, this fibrin mesh, when no longer needed is broken down by the patients own fibrinolysis and the natural anti-coagulant within platelets.

PRF is a clot. I-PRF is a liquid.

Is I-PRF a poor quality PRP?

Quite the opposite! PRP and I-PRF are concentrated platelets suspended in a small amount of plasma. Moreover, PRP and I-PRF contain three adhesive molecules (fibrin, fibronectin and vitronectin) that reinforced osteoconduction. The major difference between the two is their polymerisation that leads to to their different biological characteristics. PRP polymerisation is induced by anti-coagulants but I-PRF has more suitable fibrin network for trapping cytokines and growth factors and cell migration.

We are now offering treatments with I-PRF at our Mansfield Clinic for skin rejuvenation, hair restoration, wounds, scars, pigmentation and combined treatments with dermal fillers and botulinum toxin A injections.

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