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Try the Collagen Activation Plan from ALL SKIN | MED.

Updated: Jan 24, 2023

Cantabria Labs have done it again with their Collagen Activation Plan, providing 'intensive growth factor activity' immediately post-procedure and at home.

This plan complements many clinic treatments, including Radiofrequency (for skin laxity and tightening), Microneedling and LED light therapy by reducing redness immediately after treatment, accelerating skin recovery and enhancing the results of rejuvenating skin treatments..

The Collagen Activation Plan is claimed to increase the efficacy of treatments by 50% (wrinkle reduction 28 days after fractional non-ablative laser treatment).

ALLSKIN | MED by Cantabria Labs is a range of professional skincare products with a single aim: to make your clients feel great in their skin. These anti-ageing products help to treat ageing skin with advanced ingredients and technologies that will target every layer of skin to deliver remarkable results with a gentle approach.

I have been using products from this fabulous Spanish skin company for years, namely, their gold standard SPF (Sun Protection Factor) Heliocare, which has an SPF of 50. However, it comes in several formulations to suit most skin types and is available in tinted colours, so good is their Gel Cream (in brown); I use this daily and have ditched foundation for the past six years, favouring this light, silky cream that gives even coverage, including my melasma, plus it is packed full of antioxidants that help fight DNA damage from free radicals and is moisturising as a stand-alone product. 

As with all our product ranges, we have tried and tested them ALL. If they don't cut the mustard, we don't stock them, and it's as simple as that! 

The Collagen Activation Plan works! And it's three simple products, nothing more, nothing less. Uncomplicated, it offers intensive growth factor activation, hydration and protection and is an absolute MUST for skins of 35 years +, and a plan that makes a real difference.

Following the Plan:

The skincare consists of Regenerating Ampoules (Growth Factors), Replenishing Cream (Growth Factors) and SUN Mineral Fluid (SPF 50) and couldn't be easier to use at home.

It's advised to start 1 month before the first treatment and to continue the regime throughout the length of treatments.

AM: Apply 1/2 a Regeneration ampoule to cleansed skin by patting the product into the face and neck.

Once absorbed, apply a small pea size amount of the replenishing cream and massage it into the face and neck.

Shake the Mineral Fluid well and apply approximately two full finger lengths to the face and neck.

PM: Apply the remaining half of the Regeneration Ampoule to cleansed skin. Pat the product in, pulling the excess down to the neck.

Once absorbed, apply a small amount of the Replenishing Cream and massage it into the face and neck.

Growth Factors - SCA PRO is a patented technology based on the purified extract of the snail Crytomphalus; rich in growth factors, it delivers targeted dermal rejuvenation and is clinically proven to enhance treatment results and downtime.

The entire All Skin | Med range, including Heliocare, is available at Rejuvenate Face Clinic, 49 Essenden Road, St Leonards on Sea, Hastings, TN34 0NN.

To book your skin consultation and analysis, please head over to our website

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