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Micro-Wrinkle Treatment:

Botulinum toxin, popularly known as Botox, has been administered for thirty years to reduce or temporarily eliminate facial wrinkles. In skilled hands, it is effective and safe.


Unlike the classic injection technique, where the toxin is injected deep into the muscle, Microtox is an innovative technique where botulinum toxin is injected superficially into the top layer of the skin. But with much smaller doses.


Using botulinum toxin at lower conventional doses makes it virtually free from side effects and can be used on areas that are difficult to treat, such as the lower half of the face. As such, It works great for wrinkles on the cheeks, jawline, neck and decollete.

The intradermal use of diluted Botulinum Toxin is a new approach to aesthetic treatments of the face, neck and décolleté.

How is Mesotox injected?

During the treatment, we use a miniature, single-use stamping device similar to microneedling. Because of the fine needles, the treatment is almost painless with minimal downtime. The diagram below shows the depth of mesotox injections.

Asian female showing Mesobotox injection sites
Depth of mesobotox injections

 Can you mix Mesotox?

Yes, we can use a mixture of skin-enhancing substances, such as:

Growth factors

Skin vitamins, including vitamin C

Skin hydrators similar to those used in dermal fillers and skin boosters (hyaluronic acid)

We can also add your platelet, known as  PRP

Will Mesotox replace traditional muscle relaxing treatments?

Mesobotox or Microbotox is a complementary treatment that will not replace the traditional and known use of botulinum toxin.


However, the activity of botulinum toxin on facial expression muscles used to fight wrinkles is enriched by the intradermal activity of Mesobotox.


Together they will work to improve the qualities of the skin, such as elasticity and tone.

Botulinum toxin can now be considered a complete treatment for rejuvenating the face and neck.

Image by Kristina Flour
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