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5 top questions about lip fillers

Injector placing lip filler into the bottom lip

How to get natural results with lip filler

It is important to ge the right results from your lip filler rather than an unatural look. Read more how you can achieve more volume without looking over filled.

Red lips on a model

Lip Filler Aftercare

After getting lip fillers, it is important to take good care of your lips to ensure proper healing and the best possible results. Here are some aftercare tips to follow.

Well proportioned lips on a face

Reasons why you need lip augmentation

Lip fillers can be used to give plumper, more voluminous lips. Find out why there is a fine line between natural looking lips and overfilled.⁠

Injector placing lip filler into the lips.

What do lip fillers do

Lip fillers add volume to the lips in order to create a bigger, plumper pout. They can also replace lost volume, improve definition and shape, and hydrate.

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