The clinic has taken several measures to reduce the risk of transmitting or acquiring COVID-19 (SARS-CoV-2).


Here are a few of the steps we have introduced or added to our existing infection control processes:


  • We are performing a deep clean of the clinic twice a day.

  • All surfaces are being thoroughly disinfected between patients, including the floors, light switches, couches, handles, and work surfaces.

  • We are using proven virucidal cleaning agents such as Clinell wipes.

  • We are allowing longer times between appointments.

  • We have minimised the number of patients attending the clinic per day.

  • We have introduced audiovisual consultations and follow up.

  • We are using a new screening and medical questionnaire before your appointment.

  • We are taking a reading of your skin temperature when you come to the clinic.

  • We are using an alcoholic hand gel application on your arrival and departure.

  • Personal protective equipment (PPE) will be used by staff

  • Face masks will be provided for all our clients.

  • Use of mouthwash during some treatments such as lip fillers.

  • We have implemented regular screening of staff for active COVID infection.

  • All staff have had enhanced training in infection, protection and control.

  • The clinic has adopted the SaveFace operational protocol.