What is hair removal by electrolysis?


Electrolysis is a safe, reliable and successful permanent treatment for the removal of unwanted hair using a professional epilation machine.



The procedure 


During epilation, an ultrafine sterile probe is inserted adjacent to the hair follicle. The skin is not pierced and does not scar. A small electrical current is then passed through the probe. With regular treatments, the hair follicle is completely destroyed. Please note that a single treatment will not achieve destruction.


Benefits of epilation over laser hair removal


Permanent solution

FDA approved as a method of hair removal

Safe for all skin types unlike laser

Can treat all hair types

Treats all hair colours

Accurately targets the follicles responsible for hair growth


The electrolysis system we use


The electrolysis machine we use in our clinic is manufactured by Sterex. This company is a world leader in making thermolysis and electrolysis machines.





This treatment has minimal downtime.



Advice after your treatment


Please refer to our aftercare leaflet by clicking here.


Suitable for

Hair removal in all skin types

All medical treatments are subject to an initial consultation with Dr Taylor. This is a free, no-obligation assessment and is followed by a 'cooling-off' period.

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