What is Cryotherapy?


Cryotherapy is the application of extreme cold to cause the controlled destruction of cells, causing them to shrivel and die. It can be used with a therapeutic effect to treat localised skin conditions such as skin tags, warts and verrucas.


The procedure and product we use


The CryoPenTM uses a fine jet of nitrous oxide to freeze the tissue with pinpoint accuracy, minimising damage to adjacent healthy tissue. The pen is held as close as possible to the area of skin for 1 to 30 seconds. It is usually painless and has almost no downtime. The cost of the treatment will depend on the size and depth of the tissue being treated.


After effects


The treated area may go darker over a few weeks but will return to normal in about six weeks. Results are not instant, and repeat treatments may be necessary


Although we cannot guarantee the same results, the benefits following cryotherapy can be impressive.

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Suitable for

  • Skin tags
  • Solar lentigo
  • Age Spots
  • Milia
  • Warts
  • Cherry angioma
  • Verrucas

All medical treatments are subject to an initial consultation with Dr Taylor. This is a free, no-obligation assessment and is followed by a 'cooling off' period.

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