Understanding the side effects and risks with any treatment is important before you decide whether it is the right choice for you. Whether you spend the time reading the fine print on your consent form or not, is almost irrelevant, the side effects and risks of treatment, that are important to you, should always have been discussed and deliberated beforehand.


Confirmation that the information has been given (usually but not always in writing), that you have read and understood it, you have been given an opportunity to think about it and ask questions, which you are free to revoke at any time, is informed consent. How much you want know is entirely your choice, however, the amount of information and detail, needs to be right.


Remember, before signing any form before treatment;

1.You need to be given as much information about that treatment, that you want.

2.Significant risks that are important to you, have been discussed.

3.You need to have been given time to think.


My advice:

1.Read as much as you can or want about that treatment

2.Ask for as much information as you feel necessary

3.Do not feel rushed into having a treatment you don't understand

4.If you feel pressurised to have a treatment, then do not go-ahead