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The expert retinoid brand for acne-prone skin

BIRETIX features the patented RetinSphere® Technology, which provides powerful retinoid activity without irritating or causing photosensitisation, and BIOPEP-15 to contrast bacterial proliferation.

The combination of these two technologies with other effective active ingredients rapidly and visibly reduces imperfections associated with acne-prone skin.

Biretix - Innovative, clinically proven skincare for oily and spot-prone skin

The Biretix range features active technologies and ingredients and offers a skincare solution that purifies, treats, and cares for oily and spot-prone skin.

With straightforward regimes, Biretix provides you with effective solutions that significantly clarify the skin within just 30 days, reducing blemishes and redness without irritation. 

Biretix Cantabria Labs Logo

You can expect outstanding results from Biretix when used as a primary skincare regime. It can also be used alongside other treatments, such as LED phototherapy and Chemical Peels, to enhance and maintain results.


Biretix is also safe for use alongside prescription treatments, so you can be confident that Biretix will help you to achieve outstanding results, no matter your treatment journey. 

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